Writing Hooks For Narrative Essays

In this short lecture we’re going to quickly tell you what exactly a hook is and what is its purpose and why do we use them for narrative essays again this is just going to be hooks for narrative essays so what exactly is a narrative before we move into the idea of or the concepts behind hooks what is a narrative essentially a narrative is a short story or maybe an event such as a family trip that normally has some kind of significance or some kind of effect on the writer. Get to know more about writing hooks at Edusson.

It might have some meaning for the writer the writer may have learned a special lesson from that event and that’s essentially what narrative essays are now in a narrative essay a five or six paragraph narrative essay a hook is generally going to be about one to three sentences and this the hook will come in the first paragraph the the first second and third sentences or maybe just the first sentence and the idea with the hook is the purpose of the hook is to grab the reader’s interest or grab the reader’s attention to bring them along in into your essay to keep them reading to to to make sure that they have some sort of interest in what you’re writing okay now students have a lot of difficulty not only just starting essays but writing hooks so here are four basic categories maybe the most common categories we have and if you consider these categories when you start your essay it’ll maybe make it more a lot easier for you to write these hooks when you’re starting your essays in the future so we have questions imagery incentives senses quotations and also facts and statistics.

Now we’re just going to look at some different examples for each of these four categories so questions so you might lead off your your essay with a question your narrative essay to grab the reader’s interest so example one have you ever been to a foreign country so with this example here the writer might be talking about a family trip where she went abroad for the first time and it’s all about that trip and what she did and what it meant for her or maybe she formed some special bonds with her family or learned about a foreign culture for the first time and she opens up that essay with with a question in this case example two what would you do if you saw someone hit by a car so in this case the writer obviously has maybe seen someone was just hit on the side of the road and the writer went on to maybe help the person or did something to save the person’s life would be a really interesting essay and using a question this way would be a nice way to start it off to grab the reader’s attention let’s look at another style so imagery and senses also a great way to start off your essay to build a picture or make a picture in your readers mind about what you’re going to write about.