Research Paper And Future Plans

You’re going to be graded on future research in this milestone so you need to take what you have learned from your studies and you need to suggest additional research that needs to be done it should be beneficial and logical considering what has already been done in the studies that you looked at and you should aim to include at least two suggestions for future research in your paper this often fits really nicely into the concluding paragraph you can state you can repeat some peer your sources found in their papers and suggest some some ideas for future research based off of what they found and then kind of relate it all back to your hypothesis at the end so the concluding paragraph is a good place for that so an example for future research maybe after learning that chemical X impacted the growth of plant a future so you should look at whether chemical X also impacts other species depends what the minimum dose is before impact are seen. Find out more research paper articles on Edusson.

So you’re basically taking a piece of information that you learned which is chemical x affects the growth of plant a and then you’re suggesting something that’s related and would give you further information on that discrepancies are differences in your data and often people get this confused with research limitations research limitations are are things that impact how your study turned out in the accuracy of your results discrepancies are differences between results so it’s basically like if two of your sources found conflicting results an example might be study a found the chemical X impacted plant growth but study be found that plants were not impacted by chemical X so your your studies found two different things if there are discrepancies with your sources that would tie nicely to the ideas for future research and if there are no discrepancies make sure that you say that so you still get credit for that part of the assignment articulation of your response this is the same that you’ve seen in all your other milestones make sure that you include section headings and it says abstract and it says discussion on your paper clearly labeled this of course helps to just separate your sections and make things clear for the reader unlike the other sections where subheadings may be useful the abstract.

You’re not going to need subheadings because this is just a brief paragraph and in the discussion you’re trying to bring everything together so subheadings kind of interfere with that if you start discussing your papers separately remember you’re trying to tie it all together in the discussion your reference list make sure that everything is looking good and you can you can find examples in your APA manual and on Purdue animal oh well excuse me and just check out those examples and make sure that you’re following it with your journal articles as always make sure you’re putting Europe and solicit in alphabetical order use initials for the first name don’t forget all the necessary information double space between references and keep your font size and font type consistent amongst your references these are the most common mistakes that I’ve been seeing.