Little-Known Secrets of Starting a New Business

Youre about to get out of college and you have no idea what to do.  Well, art majors, have no fear!  You may actually be able to use a shred of what you learned in school.

So you worked hard to finish that last oil painting and all you got was some degree thing.  How can you turn your knowledge into a business?

Let’s assume you are a painterI know art is a very vague term, but we will just use painting for the sake of the example.  How are you going to get your work to potential buyers?  Well rule out selling art on the side of the road (is that legal?). So you have two host options: in the real world or online.

To open a store, you have to have money – so let’s rule that one out.  Renting costs money, too, and selling art is often a hit or miss product.  Selling out of the house is an option, but it doesnt quite reach as large of an audience as you want.  Whats the step you should take? … Build a website.  Websites have the least overhead and have the potential to reach millions of people.

Buy a host, a domain, and sell your work.  What?  Its not that easy?  Then how can you expand your business to maximize the potential reach of your product?  

You have an entire website to play with.  If someone wants your art, you need a way to sell it to him/her.  Use other websites to do the sellingthe people from other websites will see your products on that website AND your own.  Sellers such as Ebay are great if you plan on auctioning your art, which ultimately means you will have to consistently update your website.  Another site I dug up was ImageKind, which works with independent sellers by selling the actual hosting.  I have never used it, so I dont know how simple it is to usebut it is an option.

My main point is that there are opportunities everywhere.  I just picked out the art major today because it was the first on my long list.

Cliff’s Notes (for the lazy):

Store = major overhead

Websites  = good

Use thirdparty websites to expand potential audience

Stay persistent

I would be interested in hearing from someone who has attempted to sell art.  What methods can be used?  How risky is it?