Fast Solutions to Tapping Your Versatility for Success

Its true that concentrating on one skill makes quality work more possible, but Ive recently realized that we can mix and match our skills to provide a more attractive package for prospective clients. For example, if youre good at website design and know a little search engine optimization, you can combine these abilities for maximum effect.

Website designers know that special tags such as, and  make text more prominent, bold, and italicized respectively. They know that the effective formatting of information makes it easier to digest for a website visitor, since it tells them what they have to look at first.

SEO experts know that these tags also tell search engines what the most important text on a web page are. So if youre tasked to design a blog theme, you can make sure that all post titles will be within tags, while the category links are italicized .

In this case, youve used your skills to create a blog that not only organizes its content in an easytofollow manner, but is more visible to those who are looking for something on search engines as well. Youve given your client a very effective online publishing platform.

For any combination of skills to work, it has to provide value thats greater than that provided by the individual skills. Coming up with a welldesigned blog is good, and so is making a website more visible online. But the mix of these two benefits is definitely something more significant.

So how do to combine your skills to provide maximum value for your client?

Freelancers Can and Should Eat Well

We all know the corporate cliche: the hardworking employee forgoes breakfast, in an effort to get as much sleep as possible and still get to work on time. Theres lunch to make up for it anyway. Its something we can all get used to, but there are various recommendations against it.

Weve also heard of healthy diets that call for five or six meals a day. Apparently, eating numerous small meals throughout the day allows the body to better process food.

What’s my point? Freelancers can eat however and whenever they want. The bad side to this is that they can eat unhealthily, turning their workspace into repositories of junk food wrappers (like perhaps yours truly?). But, if the commitment to a healthy diet is there, these freelancers are freed from the limitations present in the office environment. They can take the breaks they need to give their bodies the food they needat the recommended times. Theres no boss to tell them to stay at their desk, and theres no need to bring lots of food to work daily.

The trick is to get sound nutritional advice, and not just use the first advice you find on the internet. Eating well is important for any freelancer, as it gives them the energy needed to make their creative juices flow. Not everybody can do great things on an empty stomach.

So fellow freelancers, what are your eating habits? How do they contribute or limit your productivity and creativity?