Entrepreneurship – “Is That A French Chip Or Something”?

Hello everyone, my name is Alejandro and I’ll be co-blogging on here with Sandra. Sandra has done an awesome job so far and I just want to continue to add value to aspiring entrepreneurs as its something Im extremely passionate about.

When I was 17 years old, I went to one of thosehotel meetingsthat you might have or have not heard about.  You might be thinking, “OMG you went to one of those pyramid scheme meetings,” but the cool thing about it was I learned something there that completely rocked my world!

The speaker that was invited in talked about a word that I had never ever heard before.  He mentioned thatentrepreneurshipwas a way that an individual can go out there and create the lifestyle that they wanna live vs. having someone else tell them where they need to be, what hours they have to work, and how much money they should make.  I looked to the the guy that took me to the event and said, “I dont know what an entrepreneur is but I want to make sure that Im one of those.”

I ended up going home not signing up for this companies deal but that night I could not sleep.  I had two things on my mind.  One, this speaker guy had totally shifted my paradigm when it comes to the way I should live my life and two, I keep wondering whatentrepreneurshipwas.  I asked myself it had anything to do with a French chip or something.

My world was rocked because all I knew growing up was what I saw from my parents and grandparents.  You go to school to get good grades so you can go to college.  You get good grades in college so that you can get a good job.  You get a good job (making someone elses dreams come true) so that one day when youre in your 60s you can retire.  Now theres absolutely NOTHING wrong with this, but the problem that I had with it was that fact that I wasnt given this option.  I wasnt taught this in school.  Come to find out that most schools dont even talk about giving you an option.

So what I did was started learning everything that I can about entrepreneurship and how to become an entrepreneur.  It has been 10 years since I first heard about entrepreneurship and my goal is to hopefully give you a maybe a different point of view about starting a business, becoming an entrepreneur, or maybe just to give you options in life.

Next week Im going to be writing about what I believe are some of the first steps that an entrepreneur needs to do to start off on the right foot.

Question for you in the meantime.  What did you first think about when you heard aboutbeing an entrepreneuror aboutentrepreneurship?”