5 Reasons Social Media Is Essential for Your Home Business

The social media phenomenon completely changed the marketing game. Social media allows you the rare opportunity to connect with your customers and influence their network. Social media is slowly replacing traditional marketing avenues because it gives your customers instant access to your deals and is free. All you need is a free account on websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Social media is a wonderful backlinking tool for gaining links to your website. Once you generate a blog post on your business website, you upload it to all your social media accounts. It is instantly available to your entire network. When one of your network shares it, it is available to their network.

This increases the chances your blog post could go viral with all the sharing of the link.

Always follow these four rules when posting links:

  1. Always use images to attract your followers. People are visual and are more likely to click on a link with photos.
  2. Don’t just use text and images to interact with your social media network. Create videos, podcasts, audio and slideshows. These interactive media are more likely to get viewed.
  3. Don’t be overly promotional. Don’t just link to products or services .Write blog posts that are helpful, inform and persuade your readers.
  4. Include a call to action on your website to share your blog posts by using social media buttons on your blog post.

Establish Your Expertise

People want to do business with experts and people with authority. Use social media assist others with their industry problems. As you demonstrate your knowledge in your area, you are more likely to get network contacts and customers for your home business. Ways to establish your expertise:

  •         Answer questions on LinkedIn Answers.
  •         Locate hash tag conversations on Twitter and join the conversation adding your opinion and answering questions.
  •         Join Facebook groups that relate to your topic and network with the other group members.

Connect With Your Clients or Customers

There are many ways to use social media to connect with your clients and customers.

  1. Create social media updates and tweets that encourage your customers or clients to visit your website.
  2. Offer discounts to your customers for connecting with your social media accounts.
  3. Offer sneak peek deals on discounts, services and sales to your existing network on your social media accounts.
  4. Sponsor giveaways to customers who are loyal to your business by encouraging them to spread your business name to their network.

Establish Positive Brand Recognition

Building positive brand recognition is essential to your business survival. You need people to know who you are and want to do business with you. A big part of keeping a positive brand is acknowledging negative feedback. It happens to every business at some point and must be addressed to keep your customers and continue to gain new customers.

  •         Never ignore negative feedback hoping it will go away. When someone posts a complaint on your blog or social media accounts, address it in the comments to their complaint.
  •         Never delete negative comments on your social media accounts hoping your network won’t see them. This builds distrust and encourages the customer to go somewhere else to complain.

Don’t just depend on the big three social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You need to make sure you are going where your customers are located.

Social media is essential to all home businesses who want to thrive in the online world. Social media can be overwhelming to those who are new to it. You can use social media dashboards such as HootSuite and TweetDeck to streamline your social media efforts. These tools allow you to post once and update all your social media accounts.